Who are you guys?
We are a group of guys and gals that love the outdoors, love to hunt and fish, and proud of what we do.  Like you, we enjoy being in the wild and back home share our stories and game around the dinner table.  We also are proud of our accomplishments and wear the patches we earned. 

Our History
Our deer patches are the same patches that were sold in the Sportsman's Guide catalog.  We are the exclusive and only distributer of the patches that were sold in the Sportsman's Guide catalog since the early 1970’s.  Our company is part of the same corporation that owns The Chicago Embroidery Company, the Chicago based custom patch company that made the famous deer patches only for Sportsman's Guide.   When the Guide decided not to carry the patches any longer we decided to take over and created Sportingpatches.com as the only place in the world to get these great outdoor patches.  

If you want great deals on hunting, fishing, and camping gear check out the Sportsman's Guide.  If you want the original deer hunting patches and now other great outdoor patches, you found the right place.

Our Designs
The deer hunting patches are the original designs first created in the early 1970’s by The Chicago  Embroidery Company for Gary Olejnik, owner of The Sportsman's Guide catalog.   Over the decades, the designs changed only slightly. 

The older patches have the rounded top, the newer have more of a squared off top.  After a lot of debate, we decided to stick with the more recent shape so customers can add to their collection and keep the same shapes.  These are classic designs and we hope will continue to support the hunting traditions for you, your family and friends.

Our Commitment